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Contract Management services

OpsMaven offers contract management services to ensure your company’s contractual obligations are met efficiently and cost-effectively. Our services include contract tracking, compliance monitoring, risk assessment and management, performance tracking, and renewal management. We specialize in helping companies simplify their contract processes, accurately track and monitor contractual obligations, and efficiently manage their contracts. Our team of experienced legal professionals can help ensure your company’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations and improve performance.

  • Negotiating Terms and Conditions
  • Contract Execution
  • Risk Management
  • Monitoring Compliance
  • Dispute Resolution

Legal drafting

OpsMaven provides comprehensive legal services related to financial reviews. Our team of experienced legal professionals will review NDAs, SOWs, and MSAs to provide clients with an accurate and unbiased overview of their financial situation. We will assess the company’s strengths and weaknesses and provide them with the necessary advice to achieve their financial goals. Our reports are tailored to each client’s unique needs, allowing them to make informed decisions based on our findings.

  • Drafting NDAs
  • Negotiating NDAs
  • Negotiating SOWs
  • Drafting SOWs
  • Negotiating MSAs
  • Drafting MSAs

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Outsourcing legal services prevents potential conflicts of interest that could result from doing the legal work yourself.

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Have a plan? Use our legal advisory team

Our advisory services offer expertise and strategies to assist you in managing your legal needs. We collaborate with you to establish your organization’s objectives and create custom solutions to help you acquire and maintain the most qualified legal team.